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Electric Body - the science

Electrically Formulated and Electrically Available anti-aging technology, based on the scientifically proven fundamentals of quantum physics is the basis of Electric Body beauty products.


the components are put together to create the vibrational frequency that enhances the electrical triggers by which the skin cells get their information and nutrition. Natural skin care at it's best!

Simply put...

quantum physics tells us our skin cells react to the tune or vibrational frequency of everything they come in contact with. Based on the vibrational frequency, our cells become healthy or toxic.

When beauty products with foreign or un-natural/chemical elements are introduced, our skin cells can become damaged because the incorrect vibrational frequency is not recognized as life-giving and healthy.

The Electric Body Range is bio-available, but what does that mean? It means that the skin knows what to do with the ingredients in the formulation.

Traditional based medical science is based on particle physics: one herb does this, one herb does that. In our western world, we have put ingredients together in the belief that various reactions will take place in the body. But nature doesn't work like that. You can liken the above to musical notes, in essence that's what everything is, a vibrational frequency. Nature doesn't recognize individual notes, it only recognizes the tune.

For example, take the simple tune Mary had a little lamb, if you took one note from that tune, and tapped it out on the piano, you would not recognize Mary had a little lamb, it would only be one isolated vibration.

Once Denie Hiestand, the creator of Electric Body natural skin care, had decided on which natural ingredients he wanted to use in our signature product, the Skin Elixir, i.e. once he got all the notes together, he then had to work out how to put those notes together to make a harmonious tune. In other words, if you took all the notes of 'Mary had a little lamb' and mixed up the order of delivery, the tune would not be harmonious or recognisable.

This is the meaning of the trademarks Electrically Formulated and Electrically Available. Denie worked out the required tune that the skin cells recognized as life-giving and, using the ingredients, created a symphony of vibrations to make a harmonious tune that the cells recognized. In order to do this the ingredients are hand-mixed and vibrationally-stacked to a specific protocol which can take up to a week for each batch.

Using Kirlian photography you can see how after applying Electric Body Skin Elixir to the face, the subtle energy field of the body almost doubles.

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Electric Body healthy skin care

Scientifically proven to increase your life force,
health and well being

  • After applying Electric Body Skin Elixir to the face, the subtle energy field of the body almost doubled from 16,131 to 30,193 and the symmetry went from 62% to 92%.
  • This dramatic increase in the energy field demonstrates a significant improvement in health and well-being.
  • These images were produced using high-voltage electro-photography taken with a Gas Discharge Visualization camera that assesses the subtle energy available for metabolic processes in the body.
  • The larger the area of color around the body, the better the overall state of health.

Lisa Tully, PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology

What is Natural skincare?

The word "natural" is used in personal care products and the cosmetic industry as a relative term.

Electric Body is over 99.9% "natural" which is well within the highest percentage of natural ingredients of any products that have the word "natural" on their label.

The ingredients in Electric Body that are not "truly natural", that is, the way nature made them, are extracts or compounds from natural ingredients. They are of food or medical grade and on the FDA?s most safe list.

Electric Body natural skin care has the most transparent ingredient disclosure in the industry.

Other than Electric Body beauty products, there are very few products that are more than marginally effective, that are close to 99% natural. A wide variety of factors account for this.

If products were produced locally and consumed in a short period of time and not ever subjected to less than ideal conditions, then it would be far easier to formulate skin care products that are made from fresh natural ingredients. Normal distribution requires products to be shipped in the cargo holds of jets around the world, be transported in trucks across great distances in the freezing winter temperatures, and exposed to over 100 degrees Celcius in summer, and have to sit on shelves for weeks and not deteriorate.

Also, an ever increasing percentage of modern consumers are no longer reading directions or shaking bottles each time before use. These are some of the hurdles that any formulator must deal with. In other words, all products that use natural, alive, bio-degradable plant or animal based compounds have to be stabilized and preserved in some way.

Most use chemicals, petrochemicals, alcohol and parabens (cheap) to achieve this. This makes the product less effective and these non-life-giving and chemical compounds can and do enter the blood stream through the skin and dramatically increase or can cause cancer. Electric Body does not.

To achieve the level of stability, purity, shelf life and activity that Electric Body has, we vacuum pack (expensive) our Skin Elixir to maintain freshness and use a process never before used in skin care formulation, that of electrical formulation.

This ingenious process developed by Denie Hiestand takes into account the vibration or the electrical impulses (zeta potential) of each compound and puts them together like a composer making a tune, so that the finished product is in harmony. This process allows the skin cells to utilize the products to there fullest potential and helps maintain stability. This is the magic and uniqueness of Electric Body beauty products.

The basic goal that we have in formulating our products is to make them far more effective, chemical free and non-toxic than any other skin care line, while making it as "natural" (as close to nature) as practically possible and maintaining a price that is low enough that most people can afford to use it daily.

We feel we have achieved this with our Electric Body natural skin care.


This is a story of understanding nature.

A story of energy, of electricity, of protons, neutrons and electrons.

In essence, the story of life itself.